'We found the experience very positive and friendly. We loved how relaxed the children were and everything was tidy and clean. Staff seemed friendly.'
'Wonderful experience with staff and the centre'.
'Really enjoyed the orientation, felt like everything was explained well and easy to understand. With the information provided we are feeling comfortable with leaving our son in your care'.
'All staff were friendly, we were shown what takes place for the day and what the children learn, eat, play and interact together. Very impressed with the interaction with my son'.
'From the very first phone call, I felt the staff were friendly and open. The children at the centre appeared to be happy and content. The centre was clean and inviting'.

Our Philosophy

At Echidna Children's Centre we pride ourselves on our ability to provide and project a centre that incorporates a home like feel combined with high quality education. At Echidna Children's Centre we strive to be RESPECTFUL, RESOURCEFUL and REFLECTIVE in order to provide and maintaining the highest quality of care and education possible. Our focus is on providing a play based style of programming and learning which is progressive and RELFECTS the children's needs and interest in order to RESPECTFULLY engage and promote the children's learning and development. We believe in not only working alongside families and the greater community in regards to each child's learning and development, but also acknowledge that children are capable and competent learners. We focus on learning WITH the children in order to ensure that each child has the opportunity to strive towards and reach their full potential.

"Every time we set out to teach a child something we prevent them from making their own discoveries"
Paiget 1952

In regards to families and communities we value ourselves on being able to offer, facilitate and RESOURCE RESPECTFUL personal and authentic RELATIONSHIPS and partnerships. We have embedded in our centre the belief, RESPECT and knowledge that families are the children’s first educators and as such we strive to foster positive, RESPECTFUL, RECIPROCAL and collaborative RELATIONSHIPS with not only immediate but also extended families. Here at Echidna Children's Centre we provide a warm and welcoming environment and endeavour to effectively communicate and personally converse with each and every family as well as seek out any feedback from any and all families. This feedback is vital in enabling the centre to provide individualised and RELFECTIVE programs for each child to further engage and promote their individual learning and capabilities.

We endeavour to keep each and every family up to date in regards to centre development as a whole as well as each child’s individual holistic development and needs through a diverse range of ways. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Portfolios
  • fortnightly newsletters
  • daily reflections
  • individual informative day sheets
  • face to face interactions and discussions
  • Facebook updates
  • as well as uploading relevant information onto the Echidna Children's Centre application.

We understand that each individual family has a range of needs and commitments in their home life and we REFLECT this by ensuring that all children's information, development and learning is up to date, relevant and easily accessible.

At Echidna Children's Centre we strive to acknowledge, involve and engage with the community and believe that we have a vital part to play and as a centre have a valuable place in the community. We believe that by empowering children with the foundation to promote their skills, knowledge and learning abilities, we are ultimately assisting each child to develop a sense of belonging to their community and enabling their future selves to hopefully become positive and active citizens in their community.

In regards to children we strive to incorporate all aspects of the Early Years Learning framework into each and every element of the day. We pride ourselves on being able to facilitate the children's ability to feel a sense of:

  • Belonging – knowing where and with whom they belong
  • Being – recognising the significance of the here and now, building and maintaining relationships, engaging with life's joys and complicities and meeting challenges in everyday life.
  • Becoming – children are shaped by many different events and circumstances.
  • Becoming REFLECTS this rapid and significant change that occurs in the early years as young children learn and grow.

We believe that play is essentially work for children and so is intrinsic in enabling children to develop and grow. At Echidna Children's Centre we believe no matter what type of play (structured, unstructured, open-ended, outcome focused or spontaneous) it needs to be fun, exciting, creative, investigative, stimulating, hands on and challenging. Play provides opportunities for children to physically develop their cognitive skills as they try out their hypothesis and problem solve through play, express ideas, socially engage, discover, create, imagine and explore. We believe that in order for children to REACH their own potential and to be the best version of themselves we must treat the learning environment as the 3rd teacher and as such provide a programmed learning environment that incorporates children interest and individual developmental needs. We strive to promote each child's natural curiosity about their world and as such celebrate children’s play, discovery and learning which is evident through our critical REFLECTION, meaningful documentation and programming as well as our group learning stories.

In regards to staff we are committed to learning and we continually REFLECT on our practice in order to provide the best care possible REFLECTING the needs and rights of the children, families, communities and staff as a whole. The staff at Echidna Children's centre strive to maintain and project a professional, well-groomed cohesive team that focuses on enhancing, acknowledging and promoting each individual’s needs and capabilities. We strive to display and promote our professionalism in every aspect of our day and as such believe that we need to gain the trust and RESPECT of one another, each child, families and the greater community, enabling each staff member to expand on their learning and ability to provide quality care and education for each individual child and family. We believe that partaking in professional development is vital in ensuring that we continually strive to be better and do better. We expect all staff to critically reflect on their own practice and stay up to date with any and all changes in the field of early years care in order to maintain the highest possible care and commitment towards children and their learning.

Opening Hours

     Monday to Friday
     7am to 6pm

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